Black & Gold


There are certain trends that will never go out of style, wearing black and gold is one of them.  There is just something very classy about pairing the colours black and gold together to really make a fantastic fashion statement, and its resurfacing as one of the hottest colour combinations.  

While most people reserve this colour combination for the night time, the look works just as well during the day. You'll probably find plenty of black clothing in your wardrobe as black is a classic colour that works well for both formal and casual affairs.  Try Pair your little black dress with gold high heels. - Combine this look with gold jewelry, like a pair of chandelier gold earrings or a gold cuff bracelet to dress up your look.

Transform your all-black business suit with a gold blouse - Find a gold blouse with ruffles for added femininity.

Balance your use of black and gold. An all-gold outfit might be too much, and an all-black ensemble is simply too dull. Wear black to play down your problem areas since the colour is slimming.  Try combine a pair of black shorts with a gold tank top and gold sandals for a flattering, put together look.

Accessorise in one colour. If you have plenty of black in your wardrobe, keep wearing the same clothes while adding gold accents. A gold scarf over a black T-shirt dresses up this plain look. Carry a gold handbag, which can serve as a neutral when paired with black clothes.

Black & Gold

Wallis rose gold cocktail dress
830 ZAR -

Black gold cocktail dress
2 075 ZAR -

Lanvin chain strap handbag
52 050 ZAR -

Anna Beck onyx drop earrings
2 385 ZAR -

Freida Rothman 14 karat gold bangle bracelet
2 225 ZAR -

Larsson Jennings black jet jewelry
5 020 ZAR -

Sterling silver heart shaped locket
1 050 ZAR -

Ray Ban ray ban sunny
2 920 ZAR -

Vince Camuto 100 leather belt
720 ZAR -

Yves saint laurent mascara
585 ZAR -

Villa Home Collection patterned throw pillow
1 360 ZAR -

Street Style

Still feeling unsure on how to pair these colours together?  take a look below for street style inspiration.

Alexander McQueen

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Found on

 Found on

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Found on

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Do you like wearing black and gold? How will you pop Black & Gold into your wardrobe? tell us by leaving a comment below.

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