Marble moment...


Marble and I are having a moment… I would say I am slightly more obsessed with the stone pattern  than I should be.  It started when we decided we want to renovate our kitchen. I love the idea of sophisticated marble counter tops, and my love for the stone pattern suddenly escalated.  

Certain trends we start noticing gradually. Then, without much build-up (or, before you can pat yourself on the back for your keen eye), they're everywhere. That's exactly what happened with marble:  You can see the marble print everywhere and in every way! Not just on clothing but also in a lot of phone cases, accessories and other cool lifestyle items! This marble inspired trend is so modern and timeless at the same time.

Shirts, sneakers, scarfs, sunglasses, trousers… They’re all marbled. This amazing natural stone has turned into wearable items.  There are so many different ways you can wear marble. If you’re feeling brave, try a top and bottom monochrome look.  A marble blouse and skirt can be paired together without looking over the top.

Simple but significant, an accent of marble in the form of a manicure or accessory, is a modern and low-investment way to test your likeness with the texture. 

Marble is just as eye-grabbing, only in a less obvious, attention-seeking way. It's the subtle girl's answer to statement prints, and I’m totally obsessed. 

Marble moment...

Black dress
740 ZAR -

Sports bra
475 ZAR -

Senso lace up shoes
3 470 ZAR -

Eddie Borgo white handbag
170 ZAR -

White gold ring
190 ZAR -

Casetify tech accessory
675 ZAR -

Casetify iphone case
675 ZAR -

Marble MacBook Skin White
420 ZAR -

Gray throw pillow
760 ZAR -

White home decor
255 ZAR -

Street style inspiration

To give you some ideas on how to incorporate Marble into your wardrobe I’ve put together some of my favourite looks!

From 12TH

From Aimee




From Zara





What do you think of this pattern? will you be incorporating into your wardrobe this year?  tell us by leaving a comment below

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