Shine On Metallic Trend - Silver


Silver lipstick is one trend which can instantly transform your look into quirky or glamorous depending on how you want to style it.  If you are the kind of woman who likes dark and daring lips, you’re going to accomplish your mission by putting on a couple of coats of metallic silver lipstick.  

Silver lips give you a perfect finish touch for a tough style that expresses an attitude! Combine it with a minimalistic makeup style and enjoy showing off a flawless look that no one can pass by unaffected.

Though silver makeup is not as flattering as golden hues, but you sure can make quite an impact with your silver lipstick. Pale, frosted lipsticks are ‘in’ even now, though in the early nineties, they were the rage! If you style them right, silver lipstick can be your perfect accessory for a party. It is a really happening colour and can literally rock if you are channeling the inner nineties girl.

While this look may not be for everyone, it never hurts to try something new, try by shopping my picks below:

Shine On Metallic Trend - Silver

Beauty accessory
260 ZAR -

Beauty accessory
260 ZAR -

OPI nail polish
165 ZAR -

Beauty product
97 ZAR -

Lancôme liquid eyeliner
450 ZAR -

LORAC liquid eyeliner
290 ZAR -

Pencil eyeliner
260 ZAR -

NYX eyeliner
64 ZAR -

See, it’s not really hard to style silver lipstick right? Then, let’s get started already!
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