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What do your shoes say about you? Well, according to the team OFFICE your shoes can say a lot!

But it isn’t just OFFICE, style gurus have always said that you can tell a lot about a person from their choice of footwear.  So put their best foot forward in the UK and decided to find out, with the OFFICE Census. This Census features some interesting shoe buying trends from the British public in 2015.

Taking a look behind the scenes OFFICE found out that ladies in Northern Ireland love their high-heels while the men of London prefer to wear brogues. Speaking of London, it was found that the most popular sneaker brand was Nike, while Manchester prefer adidas!

London & Manchester have always had a friendly “which is the best city” competition running and when it comes to shoes their differences are apparent.

There is a great section in the infographic which highlights the differences in sneaker preferences between London and Manchester called “The Showdown of the Shoes”.

Why not check out the infographic and let me know if you have the same preferences.

The OFFICE Census " Office Shoes Blog

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