The Shirt Dress


The Shirt dress is such a classic and easy look that you can wear practically all year round, but it's in the spring when the designers really amp up on their shirt dress game.   From varying lengths, in both the dress and the sleeves, there's really a style for every body type out there.  

Most shirt dresses you’ll see are in a classic white collared shirt or light denim colour and material. But then, you have some of the more unique styles that have colour and a totally different pattern and vibe to them. I’d say having a staple denim or white one is where to start, and then adding to your collection with the more trendy ones is key.

What I love about the shirt dress is you can literally throw it on and go. Whether paired with heels, booties or even sneakers, you automatically appear presentable when in actuality all you did was throw a shirt over your head haha. 


Street style inspiration

scroll below for street style inspiration, to get you wearing your shirt dress with confidence.

 Maria Kolosova

Taylor Swift white shirt dress

Keira Knightley wears dainty powder blue summer shirt dress.

                               Chic Repertoire Black Shirt Dress

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to stay awesome!

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