How to Wear the Body-Con Trend


Short for “body conscious” (think super tight bandage style dresses.), body-con is a huge trend right now.  Bodycon dresses have been a wardrobe staple for most ladies who love to flaunt their curves.  It has been one of the most sought after fashion trends not only on the runway but also by celebrities on red carpet events. In fact, it is slowly becoming a classic staple similar to the LBD.

From skintight pencil skirts (or bodycon skirts) to figure-hugging dresses and even form-fitting high-waisted jeans, the body-con silhouette will have you showing off your shape if you choose to partake this season.  But how do you wear it? Will it be flattering? How can you keep your look sultry, not trashy?

General Body-Con Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid! The thought of tight, figure-hugging clothing probably inspires fear in the majority of women, but it shouldn’t! Most body-con pieces are actually pretty flattering, due to the fact that they suck you in, smoothing out your shape. Still self-conscious? Try wearing Spanx or even high-waisted sheer footless tights under anything you feel is too tight or short.
  • Play with proportions. As I’ve stressed in previous articles, if you’re wearing a tight item of clothing, it’s a good rule to balance it out with an item that’s not as form fitting. Wearing a tight skirt? Try a colourful, loose-fitting tank tank top for balance.
  • Choose what to showcase. Sure, a tight bandage dress is a great option for a night at the club, but it’s not for every day! For normal wear, it’s best to decide what assets to flaunt and cover the rest! Example: if you’re wearing tight, high-waisted jeans, put on a short sleeved turtleneck! That way, you flaunt your legs and butt, but keep the cleavage under wraps for a classy look.
  • Go dark. Because these styles are so form fitting, it’s best to opt for a dark colour if you’re feeling at all shy about showing your shape. Black, dark gray, brown, navy, and even deep purples and reds are all great colour choices for body-con pieces.
  • Length Does Matter. A bodycon dress has been depicted as tight and very short – almost like an exclusively clubwear piece. But in fact, some bodycon dresses can go below the knee.The catch is, make sure you wear the right length of dress to the right occasion. a bodycon mini dress is great for turning heads at a club but would not be appropriate for brunch.
  • Work: Office wear doesn’t have to mean boring. Try a slightly conservative version of the body con dress – think longer hemlines and high necks. If you are still unsure, layer your body con dress with a fitted jacket.
  • Pick your pairings wisely. What you wear with your body-con is almost as important as the body-con item itself! For city chic looks, pair body-con dresses with bombers, boyfriend blazers, or jean jackets. If you’re doing the body-con thing in the AM choose conservative shoes–think ballet flats or boots. Even your accessories can provide some needed coverage, so go ahead and pull out your scarf from last fall! It’s all about striking a balance between showing off your hot bod and keeping it classy.
 Check out my favourites here.

Zando - Assuili Flory Lace Dress Black/ivory R 579

Stylebop - ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Cotton-Viscose Blend Mini-Dress

What Do You Think?

Have you braved the body-con trend yet? If so, how do you wear it? If you haven’t tried the trend yet, are you going to pick up a bandage skirt or dress? Let everyone know what you think — leave a comment!

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