Rose Gold


Rose Gold has made a huge comeback in jewelry, accessories and even hair colour! It can be a chic addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Rose gold — also known as pink gold, red gold or blush gold — is made primarily by blending copper with gold – and the more rosy the colour the more copper it contains.  It has, as its name suggests, a warm, pink hue. Depending on the ratio of gold to copper.  The rose gold you’re seeing on the fashion runways and on celebrities is primarily of the pink variety.

The best part of wearing rose gold is that it looks great on all skin tones and brings new interest to your existing wardrobe. 

To allow rose gold to really make an outfit, opt for neutral clothing colours, such as white, beige and pastels.

Rose gold looks beautiful as part of a mixed-metal ensemble of multiple necklaces or stacked bangles or rings. The warm hues of rose gold beautifully showcase diamonds or other gemstones.

Rose Gold is also one of the best colours found in leather accessories, such as belts and shoes.  If you are looking to freshen up an outfit from last season, pair it with a smart Rose Gold chain belt or cute ballerina flat. 

Rose Gold

Superga lightweight tennis shoes
1 145 ZAR -

GUESS embossed wallet
595 ZAR -

Michael Kors rose gold tone jewelry
3 670 ZAR -

Swarovski letter jewelry
1 235 ZAR -

Leith cut out jewelry
185 ZAR -

LC Lauren Conrad unisex ring
185 ZAR -

Linda Farrow rose gold aviator sunglasses
15 560 ZAR -

Mela Loves London tech accessory
5 525 ZAR -

By Terry beauty product
460 ZAR -

What do you think of this colour? do you wear rose gold? tell us by leaving a comment below.

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